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Ankeny Memorial and Story Memorial Garden's Floral Program

Ankeny Memorial Gardens and Story Memorial Gardens have an exclusive floral program to ensure that your loved ones will be remembered with flowers throughout the year or on a special occasion.

  • We have packages available or you can choose the arrangement and specific month (April 1 - Oct 31) that you would like to have the flowers at the graveside.

  • All floral arrangements are available at our office located at 4208 N Ankeny Blvd, Ankeny, IA

  • Flowers will remain on the gravesite until the next placement of flowers or when they become faded and unsightly

  • All arrangements are new — we never recycle

  • Floral arrangements can only be placed at gravesites in vases​​

  • Ankeny Memorial Gardens and Story Memorial Gardens have clean-up days on March 1st (Spring) and November 1st (Fall).

  • Spring clean-up: All items in the grass are removed and may not be placed between March and December. This includes shepherd hooks, solar lights, and any flowers not in a vase.

  • Fall clean-up: All items are removed from flat marker vases and vases are turned down. (Vases may not be turned up until after March 1st. This is because vases can crack from freezing water and can be damaged during snow removal)

flowers in cemetery
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